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1HATT is compatible with all types of contracting businesses, project & workforce management.


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Our flexible plans make it easier and value for money. You pay only for the services you use. Small and Big, 1HATT is for you.

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For your larger jobs, 1HATT has powerful tools to cost out and then manage the work being performed. Once work begins, you’ll be able to see in real time your performance against your labor and materials budget. This is the business management software you’ve been looking for.

Management Simplified

Keep track of your team out in the field with electronic time tracking. Your team members can clock in and clock out from their phones to automatically track their time and location. Verify team member clock ins with location tagging and timestamps.

View team member locations from clock ins and status updates or plot your team members’ last known location on a map.

High Performance

Our high-end technology infrastructure and the team of experts ensures an exceptionally powerful experience tailored to you.

Ease of Use

With the most simplistic User Interface currently on the market, 1Hatt is compatible for all; including beginners to the software revolution.


Simplistic quoting layout which can be tailored to your business. 1HATT produces a sequence number for all generated quotes with detailed history to analyze your pre-sales for more insights.

Material Order

Generate Material Order’s onsite by any team member, costed straight to your project in real time, sent straight to the supplier to ensure material reach your project without double handling of information.


Create a payroll run at the click of a button. No more double handling of information, your employees input their time-sheet automatically via mobile app.

Variation/Site Instructions

Collation of variations by your team onsite who can create, describe, sign off and allocate so all your additional costs are tracked. Additional feature to upload related photos.

Project Management

After wining a project, the project will go live in the project dashboard allowing you to allocate resources to different projects including the InApp notification function so your teams knows their tasks at all times.


Create and generate invoices for any invoicing period.

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