Have you ever wondered why Project Management (PM) is often time-consuming and tedious to handle? If you are still stuck with the traditional approaches of updating spreadsheets, drowning in posts-its and then attending the weekly update meetings? That accounts for a waste of time and effort. In the modern era, you can have a single view for all your project updates and an overview of where your project stands in terms of timelines or costs with fewer clicks and the use of the right software tools. In this digital age, you have more than enough to keep you up and running with the world and stay right ahead of your project timelines and deadlines.

In this upcoming blog, we would explain why field project management software needs your business, how it helps you manage your site and field labour force, and which feature is essential to look out for while choosing any field project management software.

What is Field Project Management Software?

project management software

Field Project Management Software is software used by a wide range of industries for various tasks like project planning, resource allocation and scheduling. Workforce management, cost allocation and budgeting. It enables project managers and entire teams to estimate their project budget and plan accordingly quality management control, and manage all documentations exchanged throughout the entire project cycle. This software provides a common platform for different team members to collaborate their works and work together towards a common goal.





What makes good Project Management Software?

While running and managing any project, there are many aspects to be considered like managing resources, estimating project costs, tracking down inventories and supply chain, budgeting and collaboration of work done by team members. Above pointers should be considered while choosing any field project management software. Following is a list of top functionalities that will assist you in choosing the right software and making the right decision.

  • Task lists  

Chalking out the right sequence of tasks, assigning it to the right personnel and updating the task status from time to time is critical so that the entire team is on the same page.

  • Schedules 

Most of the project management software provides users with calendars, Gantt charts, and actual vs budget charts that help you understand where the project is standing in terms of timelines and running beyond the estimated time and expenses.

  • Work sharing 

Being able to collaborate, share and manage the key site designs, material list etc., is essential, and hence there must be a common platform to share each other’s work.

  • Communication

 It is very critical in any project management for a smooth flow, and hence communication without any hurdles is required for quick and easy problem-solving.

  • Reporting 

Reporting is essential so that all team members can update their works, timesheets, updates and queries on a common portal. It is a very big advantage for project managers to ensure that the project is on track and all the work is running promptly.

Features of Field Project Management Software

  • Quotes & Invoicing

1HATT assists you in generating the right quotes using customized templates and updating them as per your needs. Once the right personnel accepts it, it will transform your quote into a valid job and save time managing the accounts. Once the entire job is processed, an invoice is generated from the quote, and all the payments happen faster.

  • Material Orders

This feature helps any team member, irrespective of their role, creating orders for all the materials they require as and when the need arises. This generated information is linked to supplier contact and sent directly to the supplier. It reduces the middle handling efforts and time. Also, it helps to reduce the project budget costs as only valid data is considered and tracked in real-time.

  • Time Sheets

A timesheet is used widely across all businesses to record the amount of time any employee works on assigned tasks. They are mainly a supporting tool to the payroll management teams, human resources and accounting teams to record the working hours and pay the employees based on their total hours worked as provided in the proofs. The software has GPS enabled timesheet tracking, which helps the management keep a real-time track of the employees. It also ensures that the timings entered comply with the actual hours worked. It makes payroll and accounting jobs very easy.

  • Work Maps

1Hatt helps an organization to track their employees on-site and on fieldwork. It helps to check their timings. Through a working map, managers and site admin can know where their labour is currently working and whether they are within the allocated work radius. It helps to manage the workforce smoothly and keep a check on productivity and efficiency. It is used in conjunction with timesheets to manage specific payrolls of the workforce.

  • Payroll

This software helps manage payroll for the entire team just within a few clicks. It enables the employee to enter their timesheets and thus create their time reports and time cards essential for the payroll management teams. Such software ensures that the salaries and all other charges are paid hassle-free and on time to all the workforce, which in turn produces greater productivity and efficiency from them.

  • Variation/Site Instructions

Any changes made by the right personnel to the actual design or tasks are collaborated and integrated into the main system. It ensures consistency across different tasks and the design of the projects. It enables users to create and modify sign-off projects in real-time and keep a check on the project costs. It has a special feature to upload a photo of whatever changes or modifications are made in real-time as proof of the same. It ensures that right changes are made at the right place and are rightly tracked by the seniors in charge.

  • Bank Feed

1Hatt’s project management software has a special feature to import your financial transaction from multiple accounts into this software, analyze the transactions and reconcile them in real-time. It gives a clear picture of all the transactions related to your project transactions and estimates and targets your project costs and minimises them wherever possible. It provides a unique GUI where you can track where the major spending has been, where the allocations have reduced and how close you are to the target costs.

  • Ease of Use

The interface is so user friendly that all types of users can easily use it, may it be any worker, team member or any senior leadership group members. Also, you get an introductory video tutorial for all basic navigation of the tool to help the new beginners. 

Advantages of Field Project Management Software:

  • Automation

This software automates the most of the tasks that occur on the field and is not restricted to four walls. From robust planning to its scheduling capabilities, it can cater to different needs. It enables us to adapt to all the changes that occur throughout the day and avoids the tedious tasks and managing wasted time and inefficient workforce.

  • Resource optimization 

This software optimizes the task of assigning the right personnel to the right work and at the right time. It is very important in any fieldwork business since it directly affects your revenue generation. Optimization in dispatch allows the workforce to perform and complete maximum tasks in a single day; this, in turn, drives time-saving with an increase in productivity and reduces transport charges.

  • Coordination

This software simplifies the entire cycle of field management; it considers the equipment and the workforce availability, inventories space availability for the entire project and contracts.

  • Efficiency

With this software, the workforce is assigned tasks and informed through their mobile devices along with the most efficient way to perform their tasks, nearest availability of the necessary equipment, history of that job, contacts required and additional commitments task. In short, all the checkpoints are covered.

  • Responsiveness

It is advisable to have a responsive and intelligent software solution for field management and hence make companies proactive rather than reactive. The situation on the field is very dynamic and hence can cause static planning to deteriorate faster than expected. It might happen that necessary parts or skills are not available or new recruitment needs to happen. Travel times, weather changes, health issues or any other priority work play a major part in these dynamics. Hence consider all above aspects every time.

  • Accuracy

It is essential for greater data and decision accuracy for a single platform reconciliation and consolidation. Tracking all the supply chain activities happens much smoother and accurately with field management software. Inventory management taken from the warehouses. It helps optimization of parts placement and inventory management.


Thus we observe that field service management softwares upgrade your business and make them more efficient and productive. It also provides the right resources to the employees and makes their tasks easier. Any investment in these softwares enhances customer relationships, helps project budgeting and costs, and yields rich dividends.