Employee tracking with Online Timesheets

For any organization Employees and Online Timesheets go hand in hand. Employees are the most valuable assets of a business, without them, a business cannot perform smoothly. An employer-employee relationship should be smooth, thus the employees can deliver their most productive self. There is no purpose in keeping an unfruitful employee, as there is no gain for the business. So, how can we know whether an employee is fruitful and trustworthy? Timesheet is the answer to this.

Yes, timesheets have a bad reputation, because of their hectic nature of recording everything in sheets of paper. But, in 2021 that situation has changed as online timesheets are user-ready and accessible. Every business owner wants their employees to work efficiently and productively for the business’s benefit.  As the business grows, you won’t be able to know who’s working productively and who’s not. There arises the need to adopt proper timesheet management so that all the employees can be tracked and analyzed.

Online Timesheets

online timesheets

Online timesheets are cloud-based employee timesheet software where yours’ and your employee’s clock-ins and clock outs are recorded. The timesheets for employees are easy to maintain and useful to track. Unlike the traditional timesheet where everything has to write down on paper sheets, online timesheets are well organized and user-friendly. They can also help you solve issues that may affect business growth and helps you reduce time wastage and maximize productivity.





Employee tracking

online timesheets

As a manager or a business owner, we are curious to know whether your team/employees are providing quality and productive work. With the advancing technologies now online timesheet management softwares comes integrated with GPS tracking to track your employee is present in the work area. Through GPS tracking you can check if your employee is within the radius of the worksite. If you are a construction business and you have various sites, you can’t be present at all the sites and inspect them. That’s when this software comes in handy where your employees can update the timesheet and you can track them through GPS tracking.

Employee tracking is becoming an essential part of an organization and to stay at the top you need the best online timesheet management software. 




Why should you track employees with online timesheet software?

Most businesses record their employees clock-in and outs on an excel timesheet, which is tricky and time-consuming. Whereas with online software you can create timesheets easily, store them on the cloud, and get notification when the timesheets are updated. These records can be used to analyze an employee’s time spend and productivity. Other than that you can track your employee’s location to know whether he’s lying or not. By doing so, you can terminate those time and productivity killers and invest the resources in other valuable employees.

In the case of projects, with online timesheet softwares, you can calculate the total work hours across all projects. And with the help of this information, you can calculate the payroll for employees.

With the spreadsheet timesheets, there is a tendency to record more hours and we won’t be able to find them. When employees have thought that their timesheets are more valuable than them, they tend to do such activities for higher pay. But with online timesheet software, we can check whether they are present at the worksite.

Timesheets are a waste of time and money if you and your employees don’t agree to the following points:

  • The value of the timesheet and the purpose of the timesheet should be clear before starting timesheet management.
  • They have to be filed constantly and truthfully, there should not be any omission.
  • The timesheet should widely and easily accessible by everyone.
  • The timesheet data should be backed by additional information and communication.

Advantages/Benefits of online timesheets softwares

Below mentioned are some of the benefits of timesheet software integrated with GPS tracking:

  • Reduced Time-wastage
  • Better payrolls
  • Enhanced project management
  • Increased productivity
  • Saving money for the business
  • Better employee tracking
  1. Reduced Time-wastage: Employee timesheet helps to identify the sore tooth among your employees and thereby take necessary actions. Seeing everyone’s timesheet not only helps you take better decisions but also an empathetic leader. Being an empathetic leader is not a bad thing, all employees like a boss who looks out for, understand their struggles, and value their hard work. Therefore through employee timesheets, you can reduce the wastage of time done by unfruitful employees.
  2. Better payrolls: If you’re managing a project and there are several jobs to be finished, timesheets can help you know the total working hours of a particular project. This will help you pay the employee for the work he has done. Payroll can be calculated based on the working hour of a particular project.
  3. Enhanced project management: Projects are to be finished within a specific time and the businesses want to do it at the lowest cost possible with high-quality work. One part of project management is knowing how much of the work has been completed. Timesheets provide the information of those who worked on the project, the time spent by them, and the quality of work. Sometimes the employees are paid by the customer, where we can send him the timesheet to gain his trust.
  4. Increased productivity: Employee timesheet software helps you find and eliminate the less productive or lazy members of the team. Also, it provides insights on employees with higher productivity and efficiency. Such employees can be assigned to high-priority projects so that their quality is maxed out.
  5. Saving money for the business: By eliminating the unwanted employees you are saving money for the company. If those employees go unidentified, they get paid for their inefficient work and time wastage. By showing them timesheets help us save money. Timesheets help you know who all are working, and at the end of the day they just have to be paid for their work, nothing more nothing less.
  6. Better employee tracking: With online employee timesheet software integrated with GPS tracking, employee tracking is at the next level. If you don’t believe your employee, you can check his location on the software, and tell if he is present there or not. If you have multiple sites and cant visit all of them, then this is the most useful feature/benefit you get from using online timesheet software.


As a business owner/manager if you have lots of employees and different work sites, then adapting to an online timesheet for employees is the best course of action. Timesheets have changed over time and provide better value to a business than before. The process of managing and creating timesheets has also changed drastically. 

Those were the reasons why employee tacking is easier with timesheets. I hope you have found this blog informational.