Project Description

You don’t have to be a micro-manager to want to know what is happening in your business at all times. With an agile project management software system, you will see where your staff is in real-time, view your payroll, invoices, site instructions and material orders, among others.

What Sets 1HATT Apart Regarding an Agile Project Manager?


If you run your business without a flexible programme management system in place, you might not know what is going on in your business or be able to spot any potential dangers, early on.

  • Monitor your staff. Our GPS feature will log your employees’ timesheet, and you will also know where your employees are on the map, in real-time. If you have a problem that pops up, you can immediately see which employee is in the vicinity of the client who needs help. This feature makes for more efficient use of time as well as logistic management.
  • Site instructions. While your team is working somewhere on-site, they can log all the changes, additions and instructions on your software system. Image uploading will allow you to see exactly what is going on there, and you can sign off from your office.
  • Accuracy. Once you use the system, you will see how improved accuracy, time logging, and tracking of performance against material and labour costs, will show you where you can save and any problems that can harm your business.

A project management tool for agile, real-time management will make a massive difference in your business efficiency and overall running of operations and staff co-ordination.

Problems 1HATT Addresses Regarding Agile Program Management

Agile means that things happen fast, and work divided into short, measurable phases. You can frequently assess these phases and adjust accordingly. You can oversee your entire business from a screen and can evaluate the stance of your business at any one moment in time.

  • Waste of time and resources.
    You must trust your staff to some extent, but the time spent on personal errands, fuel claimed for personal use and valuable company time lost due to lack of information, means that you have wasted resources as well as money.

  • Simple and all in one place.
    Your software will always be up to date with the latest tech and integrated software. You can view your business operations from one dashboard, with simple graphs and software that are in real-time and responsive.

  • Mobile.
    You don’t need a sophisticated desktop system with hardware and continuous software updates to view your agile management system. Take your business with you and be in control, on your mobile or your tablet, no matter where you go.

About 1HATT

We bring you an end-to-end project and workforce management software programme so you can effectively improve the daily operations of your business. If you receive real-time info on your workforce and projects while you are in the office, you can immediately address any issues that arise, before they cost you dearly. Contact Us Contact us to find out how this system can enhance your business operations.