Project Description

Our professional team at 1HATT uses advanced technological solutions to bring you architectural project management software customised to your unique needs. The reliable software integrates all the features you desire into one dashboard. A dashboard you can take with you on-site as it offers a seamless transition between various devices, leaving you with a super-fast and responsive solution in your palm.

The Importance of Project Management Software for Architects

One of the most predominant challenges of any architectural project is to keep tabs on the various processes and people involved in the successful completion of the project.

  • Professionals in numerous niche fields collaborate for an outstanding architectural project. You need to monitor the progress of architects, construction managers and other artisans. Our project management software provides you with a complete worksheet from which you can track each role player’s progress.
  • You can keep track of expenses through our comprehensive budget tracking feature. The feature makes it easy to prevent overspending. It will even enable you to track orders for material, ensuring the smooth progress of the project.
  • Our software for architects enables you to monitor employee productivity. Through GPS-tracking, you can always know where your employees are in real-time and how productive they are.

You can enjoy these and more benefits of our project management software for architects in real-time for 15 days – completely free of charge.

What You Can Expect from 1HATT Regarding Our Practice Management Software for Architects

We are confident that our comprehensive solution in project management software is a valuable partner to any business owner spearheading an undertaking. Here is a glance at what you can expect.

  • Access to streamlined management in the palm of your hand. Our platform is compatible with your mobile devices, giving you full access wherever you are. The mobile accessibility feature will not only allow your employees to clock in and out, but you will also have access to their location, timestamps and productivity, on your phone.

  • User-friendly interface. Our software engineers developed a high-end solution with various intricate designs in the back-end, yet the interface remains simplistic and user-friendly. You’ll find your way around the many features with no effort at all, and if you do struggle, our caring customer support team is on standby to assist, 24/7.

  • Tailor-made high-end performance. You have the freedom to choose what features you want to add to your unique platform and only pay for what you need. The design of our platform enables you to enjoy a comprehensive list of benefits, even if you select only certain features.

Myths about Project Management Software

Have you ever heard the following myths regarding practice management software for architects?

  • It is a waste of time.
  • Projects are always changing, and you can’t manage them all.
  • This kind of software is expensive.

If so, we invite you to Contact Us and discuss your unique needs for practice management software for architects. Let’s put these myths to bed once and for all.