Project Description

Have you ever found yourself wondering if there is an all-encompassing Australian construction project management software out there? Sure, there are other software solutions, but it may seem like none of them have everything you need. Few of them may correspond to the unique challenges and conditions you face as an Australian business owner. Without the right tools, though, you may be stuck in the dark. Managing the many complex layers of your business and its skilled employee trade workers is no simple task. You’re in luck, though: there is a new option for construction programme software on the market today.

1HATT Contract Management Software puts you in total control of your projects with everything centralised on one easy-to-use dashboard. Built from the ground up to simplify your daily tasks and give you the “bird’s eye view” an effective manager needs to keep all the moving parts in harmony, our software is a powerful management solution. Explore why you should adopt construction management software in Australia today.

The Importance of Construction ERP

ERP, or enterprise resource planning, refers to all-encompassing solutions that help you to make the best use of your business’s assets and capabilities on any project. From allowing you to track resource usage and budget consumption to assigning employees to specific tasks, good ERP solutions are important for many reasons:

  • Save time and keep your attention focused on the task at hand. Are you tired of switching between half a dozen different programmes on your computer every day just to stay on top of your business? With residential construction management software that centralises all these tasks, you’ll waste less time and accomplish more with every hour at your desk.
  • Save money, so your budgeting remains on target to meet project goals. With built-in quoting tools, automatic employee timesheet services, and many other features, you won’t need to worry nearly as much about accidentally going over-budget.
  • Save resources with simpler workforce and inventory management tools. Allow for material orders to automatically be placed on the job site and enjoy granular control over the allocation of labour and other resources across your project.

Tips Regarding Construction Project Management Software

How can you find the best construction management software? It’s not as easy as grabbing a box off the shelf and heading back to the office to get started. You’ll need to know what to look for first. Before considering the 1HATT Contract Management Software , we think it’s a good idea to consider your broader needs — then see how our solution matches those requirements.

  • Search for a solution that is as inclusive as possible. The more features your software includes “baked in” from the start, the more you can accomplish on any given day. While you may still prefer some purpose-built solutions for particular tasks, such as accounting, your ERP programme should act as your home base.

  • Find software built for ease of use and access, with modern software development methods in mind. In other words, software should be easy to learn while empowering you to quickly do more work with less effort.

  • Look for options that include continual maintenance and upgrades. Well-maintained software frequently adds new features, eliminates bugs, and provides for a better user experience. Such updates ensure you enjoy the most value possible from your investment over the long term.

The Problems Construction Software by 1HATT Addresses

The average business construction or the oversight of trade workers will encounter a range of problems on any job. Though they may not be problems visible to the client, solving them promptly is crucial for keeping your projects aligned to their schedules. What are some of the common pitfalls that our software addresses?

  • Confusion over who should be at any given job site and at what time. Poor communication over scheduling leads to delays. Work may be slow to start up on the site when critical staff show up late or at the wrong time and the wrong place. With our work roster system, employees receive SMS notifications of new assignments. With their acknowledgement, there can be no more confusion. Use construction scheduling software to avoid these headaches.

  • Concerns about time theft and other employee misconduct related to clocking in and out. Our solutions include GPS tagging and real-time work tracking so you can do your due diligence and ensure that everyone gets paid fairly for the work they performed.

  • Difficulties communicating variations or work delays due to authorisation requirements. Send out instructions to all relevant employees with a few clicks, or sign and acknowledge work orders digitally to keep the process moving.

From keeping projects on schedule to avoiding budget slippage due to oversights in spending, we aim to eliminate many of the most frustrating problems you face.

The Benefits of Building Project Management Software from 1HATT

We’ve worked hard to develop our software with everything you need to be successful in managing your projects. However, we’re also careful to avoid packaging everything together, and you end up having to purchase more tools than you need or want. With that said, you’ll find tons of benefits no matter what level of software you require. What are some of the primary benefits of the 1HATT system?

  • Pay for what you want, not for what you don’t need. With flexible pricing tiers, we’ve made it easy for businesses of all shapes and sizes to find software that suits their requirements. Only buy the plan you need, or upgrade at any time when you reach your next growth stage.

  • A unified dashboard to put every feature at your fingertips, with more added all the time. We actively develop our software with additional features regularly added, such as Zoom video conferencing integration.

  • Accessible from anywhere. Work on your office computer, manage on the go with your tablet or even access your dashboard from your Apple or Android mobile device. 1HATT goes where you go. Employees have access to similar functionality, too, with mobile time clock solutions to streamline your payroll.

What Sets 1HATT Apart Regarding Construction Management Software?

Aside from the benefits spelled out above, there are other ways we’ve differentiated ourselves from other construction management system developers. We aim to support our partners with simple services that are easier to access and simpler to fit into your spending framework. How else do we stand apart for consumers?

  • We prioritised speed and ease of use for our customers. Our software is highly stable, coded with best practices, and made to be fast and responsive. No more mumbling about slow speeds and frozen computers.

  • We support customised solutions. Is there a feature that you’d like to see added, or a tweak that would make specific tasks even easier for your business? Get in touch and let us know. In many cases, we’re happy to make modifications to produce a unique version tailored to the demands of your projects.

  • We offer a 15-day free trial of our software, plus a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction. We’re confident you’ll find our solutions to be precisely what you require, but if not, we’ll give you your investment back within your first month of operating the software.

Key Questions to Ask Our Team About Our Construction Management App

Not sure if our solution has everything you need to make the most of every workday? We’re always happy to have conversations with our clients about the software. When you get in touch with our team, consider using some of the following questions as conversation starters to inform your purchasing decision.

  • How is this software suited to the business I do every day? Is it something I can use in my industry?

  • What are the differences between the pricing tiers you offer? Which plan would be the best choice for my needs?

  • How do I share access safely with other employees who I may need for support in administrative tasks?

How to Get More Value from Your Construction Scheduling Software?

Our goal is a simple one: furnish our customers with the best construction project management software available for their investment. Part of that effort involves ensuring that our customers feel that they received long-term value from their investment in 1HATT. What are some things you can do to make your spend even more worthwhile?

  • Take the time to explore every aspect of the software. We’ve packed many features into the 1HATT Contract Management Software. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for insight and support. We’re happy to lend a hand while you come up to speed on the software.

  • Refocus your day around how you use the application. As your main dashboard, you can use the software to determine what you need to do next and how to structure your day. As the saying goes, work smarter — not harder.

  • Generate regular reports using the software and file them carefully. Should questions ever arise about the work you performed, 1HATT ensures you have a solid paper trail to document the work done. Document management for construction is essential for compliance.

About 1HATT

A fresh face in the world of construction management software for builders and contractors, 1HATT began as one man’s passion — the drive to provide our industry with better, purpose-built tools. Tired of frustrating software that required excessive investments and came packed with more or less than we needed, 1HATT set out to develop a better solution ourselves. The result is a software suite that scales perfectly to meet your needs, with pricing models that make sense for the size and scope of your projects. Always improving and expanding, the 1HATT Contract Management Software represents an excellent investment for any business. Learn more today.