Project Description

1HATT offers comprehensive mobile workforce management software which we have developed to meet your small business workforce management needs. Once you’ve downloaded our app and touched base with a member of our team to get you started, you’ll never look back.

Benefits of Mobile Workforce Scheduling Software


Investing in our software for your small business will provide numerous benefits.

  • You can enjoy increased productivity with our GPS-based feature that records employees’ timesheets. This step saves a great deal of time and negates the need for duplicating processes when digitising older analogue-style timesheets. You can track you employees’ work hours in real-time.
  • Our work roster feature means employees will receive an SMS that you have assigned work to them. You can track a project in real-time with the work maps feature, and immediately see whether an employee is on the project site or not.
  • You can take advantage of being able to make decisions based on real-time events, reducing the need for ongoing meetings related to your project. Payroll is now simple – your employees submit timesheets via the in-app feature, enabling you to create a payroll run with just one click.

Related Services We Provide To Mobile Workforce Software

The mobile workforce software that we provide is just a small part of our full product offering. You your business is small to medium and you employee up to 50 employees, this software is ideally suited to accommodate your business needs.

  • Take advantage of our project management software and track your projects in real-time on your customised dashboard. This dashboard includes useful features like comparing budget versus actual figures, as well as digitising documentation, which eliminates a lot of paper waste. You can also allocate any resources required to a project once it goes live, to your project dashboard.

  • Our software is helpful in providing customisable quotes and generating invoices for any project at any time.

  • When it comes to operations management, our software can assist you in tracking any variations on a project. You will also be able to generate material orders on-site and having these sent directly to your suppliers while keeping track of project budgets.

Why Trust 1HATT Regarding Our Mobile Workforce Management System?

We offer flexible payment plans to provide you with freedom of choice. Our basic package is the simplest version of our software and requires no commitment from you. For larger teams, we recommend the premium package. Alternatively, we can provide quotes for a custom package. You will only pay for the services you use. Our software can be customised to meet your needs in terms of projects and workforce management requirements.

We aim to integrate everything you need into a single dashboard, providing you with excellent ease of access to information about your projects from mobile phones or tablets, no matter where you are based.

If you would like us to provide you with a quote, or if you have any questions about our software, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you.