Project Description

Project Management Software That Gives You Control Wherever You Are

Australia-owned 1HATT brings you solutions for project management challenges through software that enables you to track your business wherever you are. It gives you access to complete quotes, place and track material orders and manage your employees. Our easy project management software is completely customised to suit your needs to help you to achieve your goals in project management.

Problems Our Project Management Site Addresses

You can manage and be in control of any project from the planning phase to signing off on it.

  • Stay informed.
    Efforts to stay up to date with the progress of all role players in any project you are managing can be time-consuming. Our project management platforms include an in-app feature, your tool to assign, manage and follow-up all parts of the project. The moment your company wins any project, you can immediately load it onto your site dashboard and manage it from there.
  • An effective flow of material orders.
    Eliminate the frustration of not knowing when material will arrive and if an order was indeed placed or not. You can also eliminate double orders and the unnecessary cost involved. All the team members you’ve assigned to your project on the platform can place material orders and send it directly to your supplier, without any delays, and you can track each of them.
  • Track your employees.
    Our management dashboard allows you to track your employees and the hours they spent on-site through the built-in GPS feature.

Numerous aspects of our project management software help you to keep your finger on the pulse of any project, to ensure productivity and profitability in a competitive market.

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Benefits of 1HATT

From the challenges we’ve experienced ourselves and the obstacles we had to overcome in business, came the solution we present to you.

  • We offer you a solution to take care of your unique requirements as our project management software is highly customisable to your exact needs.
  • You’ll enjoy flexibility in your payment structure as you have the freedom to choose the features you want to include in your solution and only pay for those.
  • For 15-days you can enjoy all the benefits you want, completely free of charge. It is our gift to you, and unlike most other service providers, you don’t have to enter any credit card details to active your 15-day trial. You can enjoy all the benefits you need and have access to our professional support team 24/7.

About 1HATT

We had to face several challenges in our business. It was mainly due to the lack of finding comprehensive software that included all the features we needed to manage our business effectively. Through in-depth research and advanced technology, our professional team managed to deliver practical solutions in one management platform. Solutions we’d like to share with you. Contact Us and let’s work on customising a product to your exact needs and requirements.