Project Description

1HATT offers excellent integrated small business project management software that provides you with complete access to various aspects of your project and enables you to manage it with ease no matter where you are. You will receive active support 24/7 and can enjoy a 15-day free trial without having to provide credit card details.

The Importance of the Best Project Management Software for Small Business


Our software can be customised to suit your contracting business, encompassing your workforce management requirements and projects.

  • Investing in the best project management software for small business enables you to track your budget on all active projects. All information regarding materials required and their cost, labour costs, and timing for each of these are readily available.
  • Delegation of work and scheduling is simplified. You will be able to track the progress of work that you have allocated and adjust schedules as required if there is a delay in a project for any reason, or if it is ahead of schedule.
  • You can view all aspects of any project on any mobile device on which you have loaded this software. All updates and requirements happen in real-time, allowing all parties instant access as and when you update schedules and assignments.

What You Can Expect From 1HATT Regarding Project Management for Small Businesses


In taking advantage of the contract management software we have developed, you will enjoy end-to-end project management capabilities, workforce management, procurement management, quoting, and a host of other digital facilities.

  • You will be able to monitor your teams when they are on-site using our software’s electronic time tracking. The members of your team will be able to clock in and out using their phones, while tagging and timestamps mean you can verify their location.

  • We offer a technology infrastructure that is extremely advanced. Our team is highly qualified and contribute their wealth of experience and knowledge to tailor an exceptional package for your small business.

  • We boast the most user-friendly interface on the market – whether you are a beginner or a more experienced user, our software is intuitive and accessible.

Why You Should Use 1HATT

We can customise our software for project management for small businesses. We are proudly Australian owned, although our software can be used anywhere in the world. We firmly believe that ours is the best project management software for small business, as it delivers more than most other project management software offerings currently available are capable of delivering, as we have used cutting-edge coding and technology. We aim to integrate all aspects of your project into one dashboard and offer you rapid and responsive access via tablet or mobile phone whether you are on-site, at the office, or even out of the country.

If you would like to find out more about our software offerings in terms of project management for small businesses, or if you’d like a customised quote, please do feel free to Get in Touch with us. We look forward to seeing how we can help streamline your small business.