Project Description

Installing task management software for your business provides greater control over all aspects of your operation. You don’t have to be confined to your desk to manage your business effectively. 1HATT is a cloud-based task management software that you can install on your smartphone or tablet and coordinate various functions from your fingertips. Aside from keeping track of your employee and other contracts, you can issue quotations amongst several other useful features.

task management

Benefits of a Task Management Program


No matter the size of your business, there is a need for handling various projects, people and plans. Ideally, you’d prefer a system that organises everything with one point of contact. As a result, your operation is efficient, accurate and profitable. Thanks to the evolution of technology, we have a cloud-based task manager that helps with time management, allocation of resources, budget concerns and quotations, to name a few.

  • When you use an app like ours, it allows you to plan your projects effortlessly. Before technology, large amounts of time was spent on mapping out a project only for time to be wasted due to continuous updates during the project or human error. Using this kind of software provides accuracy in terms of project duration, schedules, scope and costs. Furthermore, you’re able to track your progress in comparison to your initial plan.
  • A company that uses this technology promotes improved team collaboration. You may designate particular sections of a project to a small team of employees who can keep in constant contact with each other and provide real-time updates on their respective statuses. As a result, your team knows where they stand and what duties are still outstanding and by whom.
  • The financial aspect of a project is critical. Hence, using the software helps stay within the budget from the initial forecast up until completion of the project. You’re able to track your real expenditure versus your projected expenses and identify where you’re losing or gaining money.


What To Expect from 1HATT as a Task Management System


Our software simplifies life for you as the director of your company. Controlling several aspects with your fingertips from any location around the world is convenient and keeps you ahead of the competition.

  • Our software is highly customisable and is tailored by our engineers to suit your requirements. It’s user-friendly, which means even if you’re not comfortable with technology, you’d be able to handle this software.

  • We have three options that are available from the basic user to the premium options for larger teams which offer more space and a few added features. Finally, we offer a fully customisable enterprise option with unlimited storage space.

  • There is a 15 day trial without the need for a credit card. We invite you to use our software and experience the benefits first hand.

About 1HATT

We created this software to provide all your business solutions under one hat. Hence, we integrate everything into one dashboard. This fast and responsive software is available on the web as well as a mobile phone app. It’s coded with up to date technology which means you’re dealing with the best in the industry.

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