Monitor Your Projects in Real-Time

Once the work begins, 1HATT Contract Management Software tracks your performance against labour and material costs. This means improved accuracy and budgeting, which increases overall efficiency.

Quotes & Invoicing

generate sequenced quotes with a detailed history and pre-sales analysis. Track sales and payments using Invoicing feature. All of it is presented in intuitive, customizable layouts.

Project Management

This allows teams to be informed at all times. When you win a project, it goes live to the project dashboard. From there, you can allocate all necessary resources and workforce.

Material Orders

Any team member can generate material orders on-site, with information sent directly to the supplier. No mishandled data and costs are tracked in real-time with project budgets.

Work Roster

Task/Job management for your workforce. Employee can acknowledge the assigned task via SMS on the go.

Employee Timesheet

GPS based feature to record employee timesheet. Track employee work hours in real-time.

Work Maps

View real-time location of your workforce who is on duty. Easily track if the employee is within the project radius or away.


Create payroll runs at the click of a button. Employees can input timesheets automatically via the InApp feature.

Variation/Site Instructions

Onsite collation of variations by team. Create, explain, sign-off, and allocate in real-time to track costs. Additional photo upload feature also available.

Bank Feed

Bank Feed facilitates users to import financial transactions into 1HATT from bank accounts for real-time reconciliation with ongoing project transactions

Streamlined Management

1HATT Contract Management Software’s electronic time tracking allows you to monitor your teams out in the field.
Your team members can clock in and out via InApp on their phones, and you can verify their locations with tagging and timestamps.

Ease of Use

The most intuitive and user-friendly interface on the market, 1HATT Contract Management Software is accessible for all users, including beginners to the software revolution.

High Performance

Our advanced technology infrastructure and team of experts ensure an exceptional, tailored experience for you from start to finish.

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